Watch This: Supersize Me

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WATCH THIS:  Supersize Me

2004, 104 minutes, PG-13

Directed by & Starring Morgan Spurlock

For this edition of ‘Watch This’ I decided to offer my thoughts on a rather unpleasant cinematic spectacle. A 30 day carefully monitored and documented experiment of one man, Morgan Spurlock, eating NOTHING but McDonald’s.  Furthermore – whenever offered to ‘supersize it’ Mr. Spurlock must accept.

Questions may already have appeared in your mind….why read this,…..why watch such a movie???  I like McDonalds – in moderation its not so bad!

I get that.  I want to enjoy my food too.  Give me one more paragraph then make up your mind.

I suggest this movie as it may change your life.  After sitting through some amusing scenes, and some painful scenes, and asking yourself ‘why am I watching this?’ it is my solemn hope that you will deeply consider making a change.  Genesis Transformation is about change, thats why you are here – seeking something different.  This movie may be so absolutely shocking that you have a little more fuel to JUST SAY NO to crap food and JUST SAY YES to making small yet profound shifts in your eating habits.

Supersize me is more than a dietary experiment – it is an intensive look at an American icon… McD’s is a landmark, it is unbelievably consistent, fast, and cheap.  It has such a profound influence over so many people, communities, and nations, that it is hard to fathom.  By ‘sitting through’ and even just marginally paying attention to this film you will gain a different understanding of exactly what is at stake.

Not convinced yet?  How about this – watch it for FREE here:

No gimmicks, happy meals, or free playgrounds – but yes there is a commercial first.

 GT film critic & grass-fed-slowly cooked-to-order hamburglar,

David Cohen



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