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Dear Dave,

Isn’t it expensive to eat the way you do?

Most people, everywhere in the USA

Dear Most People,
The short answer is NO because poor health will cost you everything. In this country our medical expenses have steadily climbed while proportionally food prices have not (see image below). Our emphasis on cheap food costs us dearly, it keeps us looking for a bargain bin when we should be investing! I will share some strategies on how to get the most bang for your buck while budgeting for your health.

Food-Price-GraphicDOLLAR MENU:
Fast food is a great temptation; cheap, almost immediate, and satisfying in a terrible greasy sort of way. Can you make a decent hamburger for a buck? If you can please call me, if not please realize that this is not food and it is hurting you more than you may know. (avoid this option at all costs)

This is where your first focus should be. Meat is higher on the food chain than produce and can contain much more poison than produce. Organic meat can cost more at the supermarket so first look for a farmer. The website is an excellent resource to find a farmer near you – consider splitting a whole beef, pig, or bison to save A LOT on cost.

Farmed fish is usually the same as conventional meat; full of poison. There are new ‘eco fish farms’ but this author is a skeptic. Try less expensive fish such as sardines (my favorite is Cole’s brand in piri-piri sauce), mahi-mahi, or cod. Tilapia is tempting but any affordable tilapia IS FARMED. Better yet? Go fishing. Cold water bass is phenomenal, as is perch and sunfish.

An excellent source of protein and very affordable. The better the feed for the chickens, the better the eggs. I have yet to live somewhere where I could not find fresh affordable eggs. Some research required – well worth the results.

Organic is good – local chemical free is better. More growers are opting not to certify (which is a BIG expense passed on to the consumer) but not using any chemicals. Do a little research, make phone calls, and find out which local growers are in line with this criteria. Better yet: grow micro greens, it is not just for hippies and way easier than you think.

Want to pay less for good food? Do your research, talk to people, ask questions. You have a right to know what you are eating, just be polite about it! Most farmers I know have come under attack from pushy customers, be patient with them and let them know what you want. If they are doing something that you don’t approve of politely let them know and see if they change their practice.

Wishing you a healthy body, mind, and wallet,







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