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Ask Dave: Eat Clean, Save Money

February 3, 2015 by


Dear Dave, Isn’t it expensive to eat the way you do? Sincerely, Most people, everywhere in the USA Dear Most People, The short answer is NO because poor health will cost you everything. In this country our medical expenses have steadily climbed while proportionally food prices have not (see image below). Our emphasis on cheap […]

Cameron Cooks in Chaos: Perfect Banana Muffins

April 10, 2014 by


Banana Muffins!  I make muffins a lot lately, a batch only lasts a day in our house.  I’ve been using and developing recipes that use coconut flour, that flour seems to work best for my family.  I found some good coconut flour, and I use some rice flour once in a while.  I wanted a […]

Ask Dave: A Better Egg

August 4, 2013 by


Dear Dave, I have been diagnosed with an allergy to eggs, wheat, and corn which makes it tricky to find foods without those ingredients.  My neighbor offered me some duck eggs which my doctor is not sure about.  Do you know if duck eggs cause the same reaction as chicken eggs?  Ann, WI Dear Ann, […]

EAT THIS! Start Fat Loss With a Delicious Breakfast…

October 3, 2010 by


A good solid breakfast – including protein and carbs – stokes your metabolism up first thing in the morning and sets the pace for your body the rest of the day.  If you really want to fire up your metabolism, have breakfast contain about 25% of your total calories for the day.  Then eat every […]