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Fat Loss and Weight Loss are Independent of Each Other!

I have been with Sheri as my coach since March of this year.  I have heard her say in both my consultations with her on the phone, and again in our coaches training, about fat loss and how “it” is really different than weight loss.  I have probably heard her say that 15 times so far.  Well, I just wanted to give you my version of just how different fat loss is compared to weight loss.

I am one of those crazy people who sometimes can’t pass up a “great deal”.  A little over four years ago, a company that I have bought numerous pairs of dress pants from had a clearance sale.  I soon became the proud owner of four pairs of new pants at the bargain basement price of $12.00 each.  I take my little size 14 (ok, maybe not so little) pants out of the box and go to put them on and to my shock and horror all four pair barely go over my hips and back side.  All of my other size 14s from that company fit, so I was wildly disappointed at these “too small pants” until I decided to make them my “goal” pants for the mere fact that while the label said size 14, they are actually a size 12.  Over the course of the last four years I have “dieted” down to 195 lbs.  When I hit that number I knew for sure that I would be sporting my “goal” pants finally!  Needless to say, I put them on and I was able to button them, however, the fact that they looked like a sausage casing on me topped off by some “super sweet muffin top waist action”, I would sadly hang my pants back up in the closet.   While technically they were on me, pride would not let me wear them, not to mention the fact that if I had sat in them or tried to get my leg up in my SUV they would have split in two.  I told myself…ten more pounds and I will be wearing these pants for sure!

That was in October, 2009.  I was part of the Jenny Craig diet world and on my 1,700 calories per day “diet” I began to gain weight and crave sugar like a crazy woman not to mention the fact that I was exercising like a mad woman.  My hopes of being in my goal pants were now long gone!

I began GT in March, 2009 and started at 201 lbs.  Over the course of fueling I put on a couple of pounds by the end of it, but I was not panicked as the measurements on body, which I have taken every couple of weeks, were decreasing.   Now here is where it gets good.  Last week I needed to go to court and I was likely going to be testifying so I wanted to look nice.  None of my size 16 suits fit (hallelujah) and my size 14’s are loose, wearable, but loose.  I look over at my stacking hanger of “goal pants” and go…what the heck…give them a try.  I pulled on the first pair, cream colored linen trousers and they go on nicely.  I begin to button them and notice no struggle in that effort.  As a matter of fact, the waist has a gap in it.  I run from the closet to the bathroom to check it out in the mirror.  Wow, ok, they are loose in the waist, fit nice in the hips and I can sit, get in my car, and the best part is they are really comfortable.  I wore them, along with a blouse that I have to say, would normally require a camisole under it because I could not button the top button without having it pull across the chest.  That day, not only was I wearing my goal pants (let’s just say I was wearing my now OLD GOAL pants) and my blouse buttoned up without a camisole under it because it fit beautifully.

Now I am not bragging, because I am still about 45 lbs of fat away from my real, healthy, vibrant goal.  But the fact that I can weigh five more pounds than when I was on Jenny Craig and fit into clothes that I could not at that weight (195) speaks volumes to me about the difference of fat loss versus weight loss.  While I was lighter on the scale, I was also losing muscle.  To top it all off, I was puffy and full of inflammation compared to where I am now, with fully nourished muscles and an inflammation-free body!   Viva la fat loss!

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