Beginner’s Workout #8: Tracey Gridley

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The following  set is great for both the beginner and those moving into a more intermediate level workout as the set includes options for regressing the exercises (making them less challenging) and progressing the exercises (making them more challenging).

Prior to starting make sure you warm-up for 10 minutes: walking is an easy way to warm up. The set works on strength while also challenging your balance. The set requires very little equipment which means it can be done at home or at a gym.

NOTE: Make sure you are engaging your core throughout all of the exercises. Always inhaling through you nose and exhaling forcefully through your mouth: the forceful exhale assists you in keeping your core engaged.

Do 12 to 15 repetitions 3-4 times through, depending on your level of ability.

Knee plank: Start out on all fours with your hands directly under your shoulders: core engaged. Neutral spine.  Walk you knees back far enough so that you body, from your knees to the top of you head, mimics a plank (all in the same plane).  Feet up off the floor.  Hold for 30 seconds (working up to 1 minute) breathing in through your nose and forceful breaths out through your mouth.

NOTE: To regress this exercise  place you feet on the floor/shorten the time; to progress curl you toes under and bring your knees up off the floor – full plank.

Knee Plank

Supine chest press with legs in tabletop: Start supine (on your back), having weights close by. Bring your legs up to 90 degrees – creating a tabletop.  Imprint your back and engage your core.  Arms straight out from your shoulders creating a 90 degree angle – palms facing your feet. Inhale through your nose as you exhale bring the weights up and over your chest – bringing the weights together at the top. 12 – 15 repetitions

NOTES: Make sure  you keep your spine imprinted and core engaged the whole time.  Upon completing the repetitions you should be feeling your core as much or more than your chest.

Supine Chest Press, bottom

To regress this exercise bring you feet to the floor and hold spine in neutral; to progress place block between your knees and gently squeezing the block, while still engaging your core and keeping your spine imprinted. You can also increase the weights.

Stationary lunge: Standing with your feet hip width apart, shoulders back and away from your ears and core engaged. Take a giant step back. Inhale as you lower the back knee towards the floor, exhale as you rise up.  Making sure to NOT lean your upper body forward as you lower. In other words, keep your shoulders over your hips throughout the movement.  Also make sure your  front knee stays over your ankle. 12 – 15 repetitions each leg.

NOTES: To regress – don’t go all the way to the floor with your back knee or start out with no weights; to progress – add weights or increase the weights.

Stationary Lunge, bottom

Incline biceps curl on a stability ball: Start out sitting on a SB, feet hip distance, core engaged, neutral spine. With the weights resting on your thighs, walk your feet out bringing your butt low enough so that your body is supported from your tail bone to the middle of your back. Bring your arms to your sides – upper arms will be resting on the ball. Inhale and as you exhale raise your palms up to your shoulder – upper arms remain resting on the SB throughout the movement. 12 – 15 repetitions.

NOTES: To regress this exercise do the biceps curl from the seated position; to progress add more weight.

Incline Bicep Curls