Body/Mind Perspective – Seated Side Stretch

Posted on July 16, 2010 by


This side stretch will increase the flexibility of your spine, arms, and rib cage as it stimulates the liver, kidney, and spleen functions. Furthermore, the Yoga Pose will also help realign your spinal column and will aid the lungs to take in more oxygen.

Seated Side Stretch

1)  Start in a cross-legged seated position.  Give yourself some padding (if needed) to lift your hips above your knees.

2)  Remove the flesh from under your sit bones (we all have it!).  Roll your shoulders back and down. Lengthen your spine from the sit bones up through the top of the head.  Bring your spine to neutral.

3)  Inhale both arms up overhead.  Exhale, bring your left hand out about 10-12 inches in line with your left hip.  Reach through your right fingertips.  Keep your right sit bone rooted into the ground.

4)  Take full deep breaths.  Allow your breath to expand the right lung and right side of the ribcage.  Take 5-10 deep breaths.

5)  Change sides and repeat.