Sheri’s Rants #25: Your Basic Chewing Out.

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This morning I took  four dogs on a hike up a rocky winding trail.  For most of the hike, it was dry and steep and hot.  When I started thinking about turning around with the panting dogs, I made a decision to go just a bit further; I wasn’t crunched for time.  We climbed another quarter mile and popped out into a beautiful tranquil pool surrounded by leafy green trees, gentle water falls, and a flowing stream.  The dogs went nuts with joy.  So did I, settling onto a rock made for sitting and soaking up the lushness.  If I had turned around when the going felt rough and challenging, I would never have experienced this peaceful tranquil little shangri-la.  The thought made me giggle.  Isn’t that so much like life?

The Genesis system is a system that, in it’s simplest form, stokes up the metabolism and removes inflammation from the body so that it can return to a state of health and naturally burn stored fat for fuel; as it was designed to do.  The first stage of that process we call ‘Fueling’ – and in fueling your body will do repair work down to a cellular level; including a natural deep detoxification, shedding of inflammation, healing and a profound level of nourishment.  It’s an incredible process in which people feel better very quickly, are able to reduce and frequently let go of a range of medications, change their chemistry as evidenced by blood tests (no, we don’t require blood tests; many clients are under doctor supervision) including lowering of cholesterol, blood pressure, stabilization of blood sugar, etc.  All measurable.

Many folks drop weight in this process as well – in fact, the more overweight the client the more weight they will drop in fueling.  Much of that initial weight loss is water weight from inflammation, and some fat.  Some client’s bodies will drop quite a bit of fat in fueling if they will but have the patience to allow the body to do that.  There are those, as well, who can reach their weight goals in this fueling process (this tends to be a population without a history of dieting).

With all the chemical wonders that occur in the human body in Fueling, folks tend to have a really hard time with their heads. Those with diet histories in particular.  Every cell in their brain screams at them that eating more = fat gain – EVEN WITH EMPIRICAL EVIDENCE THAT IS CONTRARY TO THAT BELIEF.  I can literally talk to someone freaking out about eating and getting fat – and that person has chemical blood test evidence of vastly improved health, a 10 lb drop on the scale, a reduction in medications, and the client’s own admission that they ‘feel incredible’.  YET YET YET that DIET HEAD is so pronounced that they feel the need to whine and bitch every week about eating, about wanting to get to rotation and ‘really drop the weight’.

Guess what?  THIS IS NOT A DIET. It isn’t.  No one ever told you it was.  And dieting didn’t work for you.  That is why you are here.  Sure, your coach can drop your calories and get you on a diet – but guess what?  The outcome will be just like every other diet you have been on.

If you want CHANGE then you have to….CHANGEAnd it occurs in the head.

NO MATTER WHAT THE HELL YOU DO YOUR BODY WILL NOT DROP MORE THAN 1 TO 1.5 LBS/WEEK OF BODYFAT IF YOU ARE A WOMAN AND 1.5-2 LBS IF YOU ARE A MAN.  PERIOD. Anything more than that is physiologically impossible for your liver to process.  IMPOSSIBLE.  Anything more than that is muscular catabolism – which will send you back to a metabolic wasteland quick.  Now, if you want FAST ‘weight loss’ – then that is different.  If your only goal is to get small fast – and see the reduction on the scale fast – then know that you will take years off your life, destroy your metabolism, and look gaunt, older, and greyer in the skin.  You’ve seen this before.  I know you have.  THIS IS NOT WHAT GENESIS TRANSFORMATION IS ABOUT.

I, personally, want you to experience a vibrant level of healthy fit living.  I want you GORGEOUS.  I want your socks knocked off at what you are capable of being and doing.  I want you younger and more vital.  And this system is how you do it, and it works.  If this is what YOU want, then stop the damn whining and learn how to get graceful with it. If this is NOT what you want, there are a plethora of diet industry pills, potions, and diets for you to choose from, happy to take your money,  that will NOT require you to get healthy.  Go for it.  Many of them ‘work’ for fast weight loss.  Weight loss.  Not fat loss.  BIG BIG difference.

Not too long ago, one of Sam’s client’s called her up and was freaked out that her weight was up 3 lbs.  Sam discovers from the reluctant client that she’d eaten a cupcake (not journaled…).  Sam says to this client – ‘Yea, your weight is up and your knees are hurting again because you ate refined wheat and sugar.  They do that.’

Client:  “YOU MEAN TO TELL ME THAT I CAN’T EVER EAT ANOTHER CUPCAKE OR A PIECE OF BREAD?  That sounds pretty rigid to me.  I don ‘t know if this is worth it!”

Sam:  “Oh, you can eat all the cupcakes and bread that you want.  Just understand what it will do to you chemically, and that you won’t drop fat.  This is why you weigh daily, so you can see what happens with the inflammation.”

Me, I would have added: “This is chemistry.  It’s not personal.  Eat all the cupcakes you want.  Just don’t call me and bitch when your joints hurt and your weight is up.  If you take a valium you’ll get tired.  If you drink coffee, you speed up.  If you eat sugar and refined wheat, your joints will ache and your weight will go up.  If you eat excess sodium, your weight will go up so fast it will make your head spin.  This is chemistry, not emotions.  Everything – EVERY THING – that goes into your mouth elicits a chemical response from your body.  Some foods will get you healthy, some are fat pills.  You get to choose.”

When you catch yourself whining – “oh, I have to give up cupcakes (or whatever)” – remember that you don’t.  Your food choices got you where you are.  And if you like where you are, and you want more of that, then keep eating those foods.  If you want to change, however, you have to…change. And no level of whining and bitching is going to make cupcakes work for fat loss.  I’d suggest eating those cupcakes until you want your health, lean body and sanity more than the cupcake.  Seriously.  It’s more fun for me that way…

As Courtney says, “put on your big-girl panties and get a grip”.

And remember that in another quarter mile, right around the corner, is the miracle.  Be ready for it.  Don’t give up.

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