Confessions of a Genesis Coach

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Courtney Townley

Courtney Townley

Becoming a Genesis Coach was not a part of my original plan.   Knowing I was not reaching my fitness potential and deeply impressed with the results I had seen her work produce, I contacted Sheri Lynn, not to hire me, but to hire her!   Admittedly, it was slightly uncomfortable for me, having been a professional in the fitness industry for the past 10 years, asking for the help that I felt I should have been able to provide to myself, but I was at a complete loss on how to get to where I knew I could be.  The ego pushed aside, I made the call and jumped into the program feet first.   I followed Sheri’s instructions, with a few detours (learning couldn’t eat pancakes whenever the mood struck me was a major blow) and oh how my life has changed!
I fueled for 6 months, working my way up to 3000 calories a day and learned more about the chemistry of my body than I ever bargained for.  I was frustrated that as fitness professional I had never been exposed to this type of process, but, at the same time, I was elated that there was way back to health for anyone who chose to simply follow instructions!  I had been athletic my entire life, but no teacher or trainer I had ever hired or worked with had even suggested the things that Sheri presented to me.  I attended fitness conventions every year, but not one lecture I attended presented a systematic, progressive process for teaching clients how to take control of their health with real food and moderate amounts of exercise.  It seemed to me that effective, realistic, long-term weight loss was a mystery to even the fitness industry.  Yikes!
Fueling made complete sense to me.  Eat more clean calories to boost the metabolism, and lift weights to increase muscle mass, which also boosts the metabolism.  During rotation I witnessed my body morph into what I knew it could be.  I felt stronger and more energetic than I had in a very long time….maybe ever.   I told Sheri, if I could maintain my new found energy for the rest of my life, I would pay for the program for just as long.   Fortunate for my bank account, one of the great things about the GT program, is by the time you finish it, you have a clear idea of how you reached your goal.  I have always believed that a good teacher teaches their student well enough that the student no longer needs them.  Sheri guided me, instructed me, gave me support when I faltered and, ultimately, set me free with the tools I need for a lifetime of good health.  Like so many, the process empowered me to be responsible for me!
I now write this essay six and half months pregnant and feel, surprisingly, not that much different from where I was just before I got pregnant.  I am still eating cleanly every few hours, and exercising daily.  It has been a blissful pregnancy and much of that I attribute to what the GT process has taught me.
So although becoming a Genesis Coach was not a part of my original plan, how could I not share all that I had learned with others??  I had clients that had been getting stronger for years, but not reaching their weight loss goals.  Once I introduced the GT program to the personal training services I was already providing, the results were profound.   For as long as I am a part of the fitness industry (which will probably be a very long time considering how much I enjoy it) the principals of the GT program will forever be a part of my philosophy as a trainer!

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