Loving the Heart of Summer

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I sit peacefully outside on my patio. What comes to me is how happy the summer makes me feel and the obvious joy I see in others during the summertime.  I absolutely LOVE the warm sunshine, getting to spend extra time with my two sons, the luscious fresh fruits and vegetables, hiking in Glacier Park, waterskiing on the lakes, camping with my family, spending time with friends, hanging at the beach, eating dinner outside, I could go on and on!!  As I sit here and reflect, I am aware of all of you Genesis folks out there and wishing that all of you too are having a FANTASTIC summer and enjoying the abundance that this season has to offer!!

Jamie & Samantha

Jamie & Samantha

I think us Montanans go a bit crazy in the summertime because our summers here are so short.  I find myself still having to take the time to slow down weekly to maintain the balance in my life.  This last Monday I had dental surgery and needed to give myself  permission to slow down even more and allow my body to rest, be fed, and heal.  I am again overcome with a deep sense of gratitude for my healthy body because I have been feeling my mouth heal so quickly and today is just day two after my surgery!!  Taking care of me pays off for a countless number of reasons.  In this experience of my life it rewarded me with not having to take anytime off work, keeping my food and water up even with a sore mouth, and feeling good enough to train the morning of and the day after the procedure.

My long term commitment to my health also brings me the good fortune to be preparing for a twenty mile hike in Glacier Park the day after tomorrow with Jamie.   The next morning I will be leaving for the weekend to camp at Hungry Horse Reservoir with my family.  Another benefit of my healthy lifestyle I am seeing and appreciative of this summer is that packing for camping and hiking is not so challenging anymore!  This is very freeing as it is now just one of my “habits” to eat and pack clean and thankfully it doesn’t feel so hard anymore.

Ah, summertime is pure bliss!  May each of you be experiencing an abundance of health and happiness during this heart of summer.

Samantha Gilman

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