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Christy on vacation

Christy on vacation

Wow, what an amazing journey I have been on the past year. I started Genesis in September 2009, after 6 months of contemplating whether I wanted to take this step.  I had noticed a few women around town that looked amazing through Genesis and I had watched my friend, Samantha, change her body, become fit and feel great.  After another summer of trying to hide my growing flab, I decided to take the plunge.  I really had no idea what I was getting into.  I knew I ate pretty healthy, because my daughter has wheat and dairy allergies.  We had changed our family eating patterns awhile ago, but I had never thought about the ratio of macro nutrients or realized how important protein is.  I was actually a vegetarian when I started the program, eating only fish and tofu as my protein.  I also really loved my daily glass of red wine.  After a month I quickly realized how much my body needed more protein and I slowly added chicken into my diet.  I began doing strength training, which I had never done before, and in 3 months I started to see such a difference in my body.   Before Genesis I believed the aging process took over and determined my body size and shape, no matter what I did.  Now I know that it is up to me to shape and sculpt my body, inside and out, starting with my head. I have learned so much about positive thinking and the profound effect it has on achieving any goal.  The body truly does achieve what the mind believes.  Around this same time, the opportunity arose to become a Genesis Coach.  I was excited at the possibilities that lie ahead and decided to go for it.  I have now attended two Genesis Coach Trainings and have my Personal Trainer and Lifestyle and Weight Management Certifications.  I am so thankful for finding this program and the Genesis way of living.  In addition to feeling amazing and being in the best shape of my life, I am thrilled about my new career.   I know that at 38 years old I have finally found what my passion is and realized what my purpose is – to help people be fit and feel better.  This summer I have been enjoying my new fitness level and am so proud of my accomplishments.  The cardiovascular endurance and strength I experience when hiking, running and just playing outside is nothing I ever imagined possible and each day I feel blessed to be healthy, happy and fit!

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