Changing the Equation

Posted on January 17, 2017 by



We are a sum total of our choices. If 2+2+2=6, does it really help to spend any of our precious energy arguing why it should be anything other than 6? I like double digits better I wish it was 10, 7 is my lucky number so I want it to be 7, 8 is so much easier to write though. Silliness, right?

Same scenario with our bodies – we are a sum total of all of our choices. If we would prefer a different sum, we must change the equation.

This requires a leap, for anyone, to change the equation. We’re dropping a habit in order to rewrite the equation, and habits are perceived as safety lines to our egos, so to drop one, wow – courage!

Working on the outcome or sum is like being on a treadmill – might keep us busy but in the end, we didn’t go anywhere. Working on the equation though, the outcome is guaranteed to be different. If we changed the equation from 2+2+2, to 3+3+3….the sum is 9, no longer 6. This is the same for our bodies, the only way to change the outcome is changing what we do on a consistent basis.

For some, this may be as easy as drinking more water and getting rid of soda. For others it may show up as getting to bed at 10pm instead of 1am, for another person it might look like a day or two at the gym vs watching the Bachelor, and for another it may entail getting up a little earlier for much needed alone time.

For those who already eat well, hydrate enough, exercise, sleep plenty, yet just can’t figure out how to change the sum total, what if detaching from thoughts that prevent us from feeling good would change the equation? First though: journal your food, sleep, movement and water consumption for a couple of weeks to see what you’re up to, and if all is just as you thought….

I have a huge challenge for you. Try letting everyone else be right for a week or two, no matter what. Notice if you feel better at the end of this time and take note of how much resistance shows up in your thinking throughout the week. IT’S HUMBLING! And if we were in pride and now humbled – that’s a HUGE change in the equation! Let everyone do what they want to do, let your body do what it does, let what is happening…happen. See if you are willing to drop the thoughts that life should be showing up differently. This may be the only part of the equation that needed changing all along.

Katie Surjan, GT Coach