Follow The Resistance

Posted on December 15, 2016 by


resistanceI’ve been around transformation now for about a second and in that second what I have noticed without fail – humans resist change There are varying levels of resistance, some simply need to hear back what they said and the laughter begins, others of us will spend HOURS providing data backup to prove “we are right” in our decisions to keep our comforts close at hand.

The stress, the disease, the difficulties so many people are facing in their lives right now, it’s time for all of us to ask ourselves: how are my choices working for me? Be honest with ourselves. We are smart people, we do not have to play mind games anymore, go straight to the truth, what’s your body telling you? What’s your life showing you? Does the wine or chocolate REALLY work for you each day? Does bragging about a 70 hour work week provide a vibrant mind and body?  Is complaining about how nothing works, when we haven’t been consistent, really useful?

With the work I’m involved in, I’m fortunate enough to see how useful cleaning up one’s food consumption works out, however; If I didn’t have that, I would have a pretty good hunch clean food, water, meditation, rest and movement are a solid bet for transformation. Not because it seems obvious but because, WE RESIST THOSE BEHAVIORS!  And humans resist what will change them!

What do we run towards instead – pills, shakes, diets, surgery, hypnosis, patches, liquid diets, cleanses, 5 day, 10 day, 30 day transformations, crazy workouts, counting points of how many skittles we get to eat, etc. Contributing to a multi billion dollar industry that is in it to take your money, not to solve your problems!  And hint hint – we do not resist this stuff….does it really provide change?

Why would we rather be busy, spending money on quick fixes, while increasing our struggle?  Maybe we haven’t sat down to even notice what we’re choosing.  Looking at our behavior will show us. It’s empowering to know we have chosen where we’re at right now and we have the power to choose something else. All of us can choose something different at any moment and ALL of us are worth feeling better!

By the way – this is a very mature and courageous act to look at ourselves like this – kudos to any of you willing to bravely take such responsibility!!

Notice where you put up the biggest fight or call “it hard” and RUN TOWARDS that direction. If you resist it, you can believe it will give you the changes you’re after. You are worth it!!  Go after feeling better, one foot in front of the other!