Holiday Office Party Survival

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holiday-dinner-party2Holiday office parties in my opinion are a lot of fun.  It is a time to get out of our normal situation and see each other as humans instead of co-workers. However, this situation can also be quite stressful.  Appetizers and desserts as well as drinks can definitely be tempting and not on my plan.  So how do I handle this?

Here are my ideas for the different situations:

  • Restaurant Holiday party – I always ask the admin where we are going and check out the menu so I can see what there is healthy to eat.  If I find something off of the menu – then I decide that is what I am eating (this is that plan ahead so my shady brain does not take over when I am starving).  If I don’t find healthy dishes on the menu, I will order a large salad, take cooked chicken or salmon and add to the salad as well as my own salad dressing.  Honestly – no one notices.  Since alcohol is not usually an issue at these parties – I order a sparkling water or unsweetened ice tea.
  • Holiday party at work (catered) – these are pretty easy too as these are usually buffet style.  For these I will eat ahead of time or bring whatever it is I am going to eat with me.  I steer clear of the appetizer or grab a couple of veggies (minus the dip) or pieces of fruit and then head to the other side of the room to chat.  Dessert, I will pass on or grab more veggies/fruit.  Drinks again are not an issue.
  • Holiday get together after work at a bar – appetizers only – again hopefully there are some veggies that will help. After work is tough because I am usually hungry at that time so it is important to PLAN AHEAD and bring some protein to eat on the way.  Drinks – now this is where the drinks become an issue.  My go to is a club soda with a splash of cranberry and a twist of lime.  I add Stevia to it as well.  No one knows if this is a vodka cranberry or not.

Holiday parties do not have to be a time of throwing in the towel but it does require planning and some will power.  Enjoy the holiday cheer at your office party.

Peggi Ingram RN BSN


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