Sing Along: On the 12th Day of…WAIT, On the 60th day of…..

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Holiday “Season” is here!

Everyone look down at your body. Repeat after me:  Thank you body for being such a beautiful goddess because of the way I care for you!

Ummmm, that might apply to you or that might be complete B.S. and you are gagging by now, if you are anything like the old me around the holidays.  I was more like, mirror mirror on the wall, please leave until February when my January diet kicks in. I was good for a 10-15 pound weight gain from Halloween until New Years Day, EVERY YEAR!

Who pulls out big sweaters by the time Christmas hits or has a long shawl to hide the rump or blazer to cover muffin top? Or spanks, who wears spanks? I DID!

We have 2 months of sugar, busyness and party time in front of us before “the yearly diet” starts. If you have been in this pattern before, let me save you the added 10-15 this year, better yet, WHAT IF, you were able to LOSE 5+ from now through January WITHOUT dieting? How empowering would that feel?

15 tips for to drop 5+ pounds through the next two months while gaining energy:

1. FEEL yourself dropping 5+ pounds by January 1st, write down how that feels to wear your form fitting dress, to have more energy  and to be proud of yourself .  Keep that note nearby! Read it over and over

2. No MATTER WHAT, drink one gallon of water/day – this alone will knock out a few pounds

3. Avoid processed sugars and white flour
– Substitute: Coconut Sugar, Raw Honey or Pure Maple Syrup
– Substitute: Coconut Flour, Almond Flour

4. Bring a dish everywhere you go, you’ll always have something to eat at your holiday party

5. Make Hibiscus Tea, sweeten with liquid Stevia and add to equal parts Sparkling Water with a squeeze of fruit like orange or lemon, serve in a wine glass. EVEN IF, you do this at half of the parties attended and the other half a glass of wine, you’re getting ahead.

6. Eat a protein like hard boiled egg, chicken, beef, fish, protein shake; EVERY TIME you eat a carb

7. Change out oils used from vegetable Oil to Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Coconut oil or avocado oil – from baking, to sautéing, to dressing.

8. Move your body a few times/week. Moves the blood around and releases feel good hormones.

9. Make your own chocolates, cakes, cookies so you do not feel deprived. Look on GT site, & for recipes.

10. Spend 15 minutes per day in YOU time: meditate, take a bath, go to the gym, read a book, journal, dance.

11. Give yourself a pat on the back each day! Write down ONE thing you will accomplish each day and at the end of the day, enjoy that can do attitude, while developing self trust.

12. REST – give yourself permission to put your feet up, even if the sink is full of dishes – give yourself the gift of rest this holiday. You deserve it!!

13. Say thank you more than ever before, if someone touches your life, thank them – this is working on so many levels of health!

14. Apply thank you to family members that might “get under your skin”. If you’re in gratitude, it’s impossible to be in anger. Anyone want freedom? Apply!

15. Laugh at yourself! My best tool ever!! Learn to laugh at yourself, don’t take things so personal. We are about progress not perfection!

I have not done this before but after watching the movie fed up, I am inspired to do my part BETTER.   I offer my gratitude to you doing your part – If you or your child write down ALL food & drink consumed for one whole week, please email it to me and I will GLADLY write you back with at least 3 specific changes to start recreating your family’s health.  Your part – you have to APPLY the changes 🙂 
Send to with subject: FED UP

Left:  after the holidays a few years back. Right: 10 months later on GT

Left: after the holidays a few years back. Right: 10 months later on GT

Love and Gratitude to you all!

Katie Surjan, GT Coach