Morning Gratitude Ritual

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gratLooking to start a new ritual or habit to bring in more joy?  Please give this one a shot until you create your own.  I’ve been faithful to this for the past few years and it has brought me immense joy and happiness!

I find this practice VERY valuable to switch my brain from “problem solving” to holding space for others.   To see the fullest potential vs. see my subject as a problem, is useful in all aspects of life.  It’s heart warming when we automatically notice the beauty within someone vs. what they “need” to change.  This process helps to pull out the greatest while the “other stuff” atrophies.   Apply this to all aspects in life – it’s just one I picked up to be a better coach but it has made me a better person overall.

Each morning, I read the Daily Word to bring in a fresh perspective.  I then start a practice of gratitude; but not just the for the “givens” like family & friends.  I start to get real grateful for difficult situations that forced me to grow, expand and to reach a greater influence for the good.  This practice allows me to immediately see the silver lining in any scenario.  Such as:  job loss when the company closed it’s doors, pointing the finger back at me when others are “difficult”, recognizing the freedom from relationships that fell to the wayside, and the list goes on.   I am so grateful for life guiding me by closing doors so I turn around and see the open ones supporting the greater good.

I am in awe of how divine timing works!   Completely humbling!   I also look around my room and thank anything that hits my line of vision, even chairs for allowing conversation to take place.  I thank the men who built such beautiful woodworking details around my house 100 years ago, as well as my talented husband’s ability to shine up the entire house; without changing the integrity of it’s original structure.  Lastly, I ask God:  What can we create today, with complete enthusiasm?  I’m almost always surprised at what shows up!

This ritual has trained my brain to BEHAVE with the following DEFAULT settings:

  1. Humbled by the Abundance and opportunity in this world
  2. Quickly pick out the beauty in everyone
  3. Remove resistance and judgment to what is
  4. Ability to recognize qualities to shift in myself by what people mirror to me
  5. Ability to drop my story and see a new perspective
  6. See the possibility that 100% of us can transform.
  7. Hold space for my client to see themselves as God created them… and then get to work shining those gifts


This practice has brought such joy to my life across the board!grati

I wish you all a Very Happy Thanksgiving

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