Kelly’s Journey – November

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This month I learned that I have a way to go before I’m congruent with my plan.  I really need to work on getting things done EVERY DAY that I feel are important.  I traveled recently and it was very busy so I let my meditation go.  Now I’m finding it really difficult to get back on track.  I’m starting all over because my mind is really active and I’ve had to go back to 10 minutes just so I can get through.  I know it will get better and I vow to do this EVERY DAY because it’s important to me.  So, no matter what, I will sit daily before I do anything else. Period.

I’m also getting ready for our first Thanksgiving at our home since moving back to Michigan.  I have started to work on menus and I’m pouring over recipes and starting to plan a great “clean” meal that everyone will enjoy.  Wish me luck!

Kelly Elmer

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