RN Advice: Big Fat Gratitude

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24 hours without complainingWhen was the last time you thanked your body for storing or getting fat?  Not something you are thankful for?  Think again.  Fat on our bodies is a wonderful thing.  Really it is.  Fat in and on our bodies offer a layer of protection to our bones and organs to cushion from injury.  It also regulates our body temperature as well as facilitates the transportation of vitamins, minerals and nerve impulses. Even our brain is made up of ~60% fat.

Ok but what about the excess fat; The spare tire or love handles? Yes be especially thankful for this fat.  Fat is a protection and a messenger.  When we start packing on the fat or the scale starts creeping up, it is giving us a message.  We are doing something that is not revitalizing our body.  When this happens, the body stores fat and toxin AWAY from the vital organs to keep us from going into disease.  How awesome is that?  A natural insulator from disease.  The point is though that when this happens, we need to stop, assess what we are doing and make some changes before it is too late. 

So this next time the scale goes up or you notice an extra roll of fat, stop and offer a big fat Thank You to your body for this message and protection from disease.  Start writing in your journal everyday one wonderful things about your body. See how offering this gratitude instead of complaining and bemoaning shifts your body to healing and watch the change begin. 

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Peggi Ingram RN BSN
Genesis Transformation Coach
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