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Sugar Industry paid Scientists – Say WHAT??

September 14, 2016 by


by GT Client Patty K Seen on Facebook:  Full article is worth the read:  

RN Advice: Big Fat Gratitude

November 2, 2014 by


When was the last time you thanked your body for storing or getting fat?  Not something you are thankful for?  Think again.  Fat on our bodies is a wonderful thing.  Really it is.  Fat in and on our bodies offer a layer of protection to our bones and organs to cushion from injury.  It also […]

Watch This: Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead

November 5, 2012 by


Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead 1 hr 37min Cast:  Joe Cross & Phil Riverstone This film follows Australian Joe Cross on his quest to loose weight and heal himself from an auto immune disorder, using micro-nutrients found in vegetables and fruits.  Joe jump starts his mission by juice feasting for 60 days to flood his […]

The Good and Bad of Fats – Christy Ewing

September 6, 2010 by


The Good and Bad of Fats – what you should know The American diet took a drastic change in 1992 when the USDA Food Guide Pyramid was introduced.  Fats were placed at the top of the pyramid and since then fat has been an evil word.  However, since 1992, Americans have become even more overweight […]

Sheri’s Rants # 28: What Caused the Fat Gain?

October 31, 2009 by


I want to break something down to you really fast, here:  What caused the fat gain in the first place? Until that reason is determined — different in each of us — no fat loss system can possibly succeed over the long term. Even if a short-term loss is achieved, the weight will be regained, […]