Sheri’s Rants # 28: What Caused the Fat Gain?

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I want to break something down to you really fast, here:  What caused the fat gain in the first place?

Until that reason is determined — different in each of us — no fat loss system can possibly succeed over the long term. Even if a short-term loss is achieved, the weight will be regained, that and more.  Especially if you are dieting.

Through my experience in the Trenches of Fat Loss, I came up with a base of six causes of fat gain.  Each of the reasons I’ve found require different solutions, yet for many the solution is the same answer: diet some more, only try a different diet this time.  Or, alternatively “add more supplements”.

Let’s see if you can relate to any of these fattening problems:

1) Lack of exercise & lack of muscle tissue due to dieting  (high cholesterol and a history of dieting?  this may be you.)

2) Bad food choices; ignorance of healthy food choices

3) Insatiable Appetite; always hungry (usually blood sugar issue)

4) Poor Habits, and physical addictions to sugar and white flour (baked goods!)

5) Emotions; eating to relieve stress, eating at boredom, and eating for reward

6) Unbalanced chemistry; estrogen, testosterone, seratonin and more (frequently worsened by poor eating)

When we look at the list and think about each element, it’s clear that simply dieting or eating this herb or that expensive weight-loss supplement won’t address the real issue, meaning IF the supplementation works, the weight will come back with a vengeance in the not-too-distance future.  There are many diets that will strip weight off you quickly (read: water, muscle, some fat) but if the root cause of how you got there isn’t addressed, all the weight will come back – and more.

In other words,  say you take Pill X and you get skinny quick (water & muscle loss, maybe some fat).  Once you are done with the diet, what have you learned? If you go back to what you WERE doing, you’ll end up with the same body you had – only now metabolically worse and perhaps even fatter.  Did you learn anything new?  Whatchoogonnado now?

Many of us want the quick diet: fast weight loss where we don’t have to think about or address our personal behavior.  We want a DSC_8156different body with our same thinking and behavior that got us here to begin with.  We want what we eat packaged and handed to us, we want pills, injections, schedules, clear directions.  We don’t want to THINK about it. Which leads me to the primary Fat Gain Problem that I see in my business:

YOU DON’T WANT TO THINK ABOUT YOU. You’re too busy.  I get that.  You get to choose busyness over self care; it is your right as a human to make that choice.  What I want you to understand is that your body is reflecting your lack of self care.   And if you want to turn your body around, you’re going to have to do some changing internally.  If you want change, then you gotta change.  Saddle up. Contact a GT Coach and follow directions.  Just follow directions.   Keep it that simple.  Eventually, you’ll have a series of ‘aha’ moments and be able to reason things out on your own, and you’ll ‘get it’.  You’ll never diet again.

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