Watch This: Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead

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Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead

1 hr 37min

Cast:  Joe Cross & Phil Riverstone

This film follows Australian Joe Cross on his quest to loose weight and heal himself from an auto immune disorder, using micro-nutrients found in vegetables and fruits.  Joe jump starts his mission by juice feasting for 60 days to flood his body with nutrients, detox his system, and abruptly halting his unhealthy habits.

During Joe’s mid life health crisis he humbly takes complete responsibility for being focused on wealth, not health for too many years.  He recognizes that the biggest difference will come in changing his lifestyle habits after his juice feast, since 70% of adverse health is lifestyle related. He inspires many along the way to take charge of their health and supports them in taking their first step.

I appreciated the focus on self-responsibility in this film and identifying that the choice to change is up to the individual.  One of Joe’s quotes was, “Do the crime, do the time”  –  fully recognizing that it took many, many unhealthy meals to get Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead and it’s going take some time to undo.

Today the American diet consists of 61% processed foods, and only 5% whole vegetables.  Processed foods contain approximately 1/10 of their original nutritional value of the whole food in its native state.  Eating processed foods makes people sick, eating whole foods promotes health.  Duh, it not hard, eat real food!

I found it very interesting that after months of living a healthy lifestyle Joe’s colleagues noticed a big difference in his ability to think clearer, associating it with cleaner food intake.  Put garbage in and the mind becomes muddied.  People inspired by Joe in reclaiming their health reported feeling much healthier and happier – and this is, to my mind, not a surprise!  It is, after all, what we here at GT do.

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