Kelly’s Journey – November 2012

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Well, I have less than 4 pounds until I get to my 100 pound goal. It’s so close and I’m getting pretty excited, but I am also starting to really feel the magnitude of what I am about to accomplish.  ONE HUNDRED POUNDS!  Who ever starts a day, a month or even a year thinking they will loose 100 pounds.  I also wonder often what it will be like the morning I step on the scale and see that number.  It’s a little strange to me that I would worry or wonder about this but I do.I’ve also had a fair amount of emotions popping up this month. Not sure why but can only guess my body is digging up some old toxic fat and moving it out via my tear ducts : )  Was a blubbering mess one day and I thought half way through the day, ‘man I should have stayed home’!  Thank heavens it was yoga day and that helped me get back to center.  Love that Kundalini Yoga.I do know for sure I’m not done yet because now that I’m here, I recognize that I have more to do.  I like my friend Katie’s idea not to go with a set number on the scale but rather the state of my body (fat, shape, measurements).  But first I’ll get past the 100 pounds and will go into maintenance for a short time so I can clearly focus on what the next steps will be.

People at work still ask how long I’m going to “do this” or when I’ll stop…I tell them never, it’s my lifestyle.  I feel so much better now, I’m healthier than I have ever been and on top of that, I get compliments all the time….why would I give that up for poo food!

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