RN Advice: What is YOUR Focus?

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Peggi profileThis past weekend I did a workshop titled Come Alive: Ignite your Existence by Awakening to your Destiny.  What was so powerful about this workshop was the conversation that ensued around the 3 things that we most focused on in the last week.  I will ask you this now.  Take just a couple of minutes and see what was your focus last week; busyness, stress, argument with kids or spouse, lack of money?  Or was your focus on your health, joy, happiness, self-care?  What we focus on is what we have in our lives.

I can’t emphasize this enough.  What we focus on in our thoughts, speech and action is what WILL come into our lives.  This was a crazy difficult lesson for me. It is very important that our focus is on what we want – NOT what we don’t want. (Took me a long while to understand this one.) Drama begets drama, busyness creates more busyness yet gratitude produces abundance and a focus on our health will get us healthier.

When health is our focus, we practice Being healthier.  Note how I say we practice.  We are not perfect, but with heightened focus we make conscious decisions regarding the food that goes into our mouths, how we exercise, the amount of water and rest we get as well as elegant thinking.  We may fumble along the way but we pick ourselves up and practice some more until it comes with ease.

This February when our focus on health may have faded a bit put that intention back up front and make a conscious decision to practice HEALTH.  You will be glad that you did.  focus

Peggi Ingram RN BSN
Genesis Transformation Coach
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