Client Stories: 7 Weeks of Regeneration

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by:  Amy Dowell

The idea of “clean eating” was never really something that crossed my mind. I ate what the general population would consider healthy, and thought, ‘hey, I’m doing good, I like fruits and veggies, I’m lactose intolerant, so I don’t eat any dairy, I eat right.’ After being plagued by various illnesses for about three years, including mono (and a rare re-infection of mono), chronic kidney infections, chronic stomach inflammation and food sensitivity, I felt that I was unjustly condemned to a life of never ending pain and illness. Every night, I would lay in bed with a horrible stomach ache and would hope that just maybe it wouldn’t be as bad that night so that I could actually fall asleep.

This three year journey of ailments led me by chance to cross paths with Jenny Carr, after which, I began my new lifestyle change of clean eating to reduce the chronic inflammation in my body and hopefully know what it was like to live again, without suffering. It seemed really daunting at first, and the question that always popped into my mind was, ‘what am I going to eat?1’ The answer was simple, REAL food.  I had been re-diagnosed with mono the very same day that we started the program, after having a serious case of the illness three years ago, that lasted in excess of six months.

Immediately after starting the clean eating program, my stomach pains disappeared. I was able/am able to simply fall asleep at night and not be in agonizing pain. Mono has left as quickly as it has arrived, and my energy levels are higher than they have been in years. My kidney infections have subsided. After living in pain so long, I couldn’t remember what it was like to have my body feel good, and I’m 25 years old, that is just not okay!! Now, after 7+ weeks of clean eating, I can’t remember what the actual pain felt like, and I know that I never have to again!

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