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We are flooded with information about our health and weight loss with sources ranging from the internet and printed media to well meaning advice from friends.  Here’s a look at some myths related to food and health – and we’re providing the down and dirty truth about them. 

Myth 1: “Of course my muffin top is supersized – I am menopausal.  My doctor said that’s normal and there is nothing I can do about it.”

Busted:  Menopause is a normal, natural stage of a woman’s life.  During peri-menopause estrogen surges cause a condition called estrogen dominance.  Estrogen produces body fat specifically to the belly and hip/thigh area.  In turn, fat tissue produces and stores more estrogen which increases the amount of stored fat.   This cycle continues to repeat itself over and over again.   Estrogen dominance also affects other hormones such as insulin (causing sweet cravings) and our thyroid slows down body metabolism.

While many physicians and women accept this as ‘the way it is’, it is important to know that these hormones can be brought back into alignment.  Ridding our body of inflammation causing sugar, refined flours, alcohol, other processed foods and stress will decrease fat production and storage.  This breaks the self-perpetuating fat cycle.

Myth:  I CAN’T HELP IT!  Obesity runs in my family.  Genetics are so unfair!

Busted:  Truth is, some folks might be more genetically susceptible to storing fat, however; that does not mean they have to BE fat.  Obesity that “runs in the family” is a typically a matter of family learned lifestyle habits, behaviors, and traditions that provoke inflammation.  If we all eat pizza, ice cream, chips, bread and consume alcohol…obesity or disease is bound to catch up to us.  Making a shift in eating habits will profoundly benefit our health as well as future generations.

Myth:  Wow my joints hurt, like I don’t already take enough pharmaceuticals…ugh, its hell turning 40!

Busted:   Joint pain is caused by inflammation whether we are 15, 40 or 85, and there is a direct connection between sugar, processed foods, inflammation and joint pain.  Inflammation in the body seeks out weight bearing joints, areas of injury or disease, and further irritates these sites.  This is the bodies equivalent to throwing gasoline on a fire. Most people will turn to NSAID’s or pain killers to alleviate the pain and discomfort.  However, removing inflammatory foods and lowering body fat will provide a more effective and longer lasting solution, regardless of our age.

There is a theme running through these three myths – it is inflammation.  Inflammation is the body’s reaction to things that harm it – it is essential to understand the crucial role food plays in harming our health.  Breaking an unhealthy cycle of inflammation takes education, accountability, and support.

A Genesis Transformation coach can work with you to prevent and reduce inflammation.  This accountability acts by providing solutions to overcome obstacles to healthy living, and assists you to achieving lifelong success.



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