Ask Dave: Cursed Peanut Butter

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Dear Dave,

 My coach is INSISTING that I give up peanuts and I’m not happy.  Supposedly they contain some poison?  This doesn’t seem right as so many people eat them everyday.

 Pissed off over peanuts,

Sue – Oregon

Hello Sue,

Have you ever tasted – or seen a peanut that was ‘off?’  This may have been a harmless mold or a peanut infected with Alfatoxin – one of the most carcinogenic compounds on earth.  Yes this sounds too scary to be true but Alfatoxin is an extremely widespread type of fungus that lives in many soils, in many countries, and can contaminate almost any food product.

While not all peanuts carry dangerous levels of Alfatoxin, evidence suggests that low-level contamination is widespread.  This seems to be a major factor in the increasing rates of peanut ‘allergies’ especially in children.  Children typically have intact immune systems – their bodies LET THEM KNOW when something, even just a little thing, is amiss.  This may easily be mistaken as an ‘allergic reaction’ but in fact may be the body doing its very best to get attention to the fact that it has been poisoned!

Many folks are not aware of this, but peanuts are not a protein source as fat is the highest macronutrient in peanuts – making them a fat source.  Peanuts contain short chain omega 6 fats – which cause inflammation in the body.

OK so you are not a child, you have eaten peanuts for years and feel fine, so whats the big deal?   The big, HUGE, deal is that you came to your coach for a reason.  You want something MORE from your beloved body, maybe less fat, more muscle, more energy, – either way you are asking for something DIFFERENT from your body.  Then why would you do something that makes it harder on your body?  Even at very low levels eating poo is eating poo.

But a peanut is sooo little!  Yes –  so is a bullet, a pill, a cancer cell, and a fungal spore, and they can end your life quite effectively!

WANT MORE READING?  Check out the FDA’s stance on alfatoxin levels, returning contaminated crops to the US (yes that happens!), and what to do with bad peanuts.


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