RN Advice: Anxiety Destructor

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peggi bw 2 editedWhile the hustle and bustle of the holidays have ended and all should be calm; anxiety has a way of sneaking up on us and rearing its ugly head like an unwanted guest.  What causes anxiety is individual however there are some common triggers:

  • Family/relationships
  • Work situations
  • Self-destructive talk and thoughts
  • Health
  • Financial worries
  • Unfamiliar situations
  • Change

How we deal with anxiety is very personal.   Sometimes we eat (or not), smoke, drink alcohol, medicate (antidepressants), lash out (verbally or physically), cry, or internalize our emotions.  These are learned behaviors of how we have dealt with anxiety in the past.  Unfortunately, these comfort methods do not ‘deal’ with the anxiety; they mask it and sometimes even increase the feelings of anxiety.

Mindful meditation is one true method of destroying ongoing chronic or situational anxiety.  It is a daily practice of concentrating on breath, allowing thoughts or feelings to pass through without judgment or reaction and accepting ourselves in the present moment.   We learn that our thoughts are passing entities to react to or not to react at all.  Mindful meditation allows us to choose acceptance and understanding and reject reaction and fear. We immediately feel better when we meditate but its strength is embracing a daily practice to retrain the brain from the habit of unconscious, negative and unproductive thinking to life-affirming, productive thinking.

I can attest that mindful meditation changed my stressful life, bad habits, and negative thoughts.  I vehemently resisted adding 10 minutes to my busy, chaotic day to sit on the floor, breathe and be present to my body and mind.  However the feeling of calmness was almost immediate.  The continued practice increased my love and acceptance of me, decreased my judgment of others and eventually less situations triggered negative responses or feelings of anxiety.  With such positive results,  I let nothing interfere with my morning meditation.  If this New Year you are looking to make PROFOUND CHANGES in body, mind or spirit, PRIORITIZE meditation as your number one SELF-CARE task and experience the wonderful changes in your life as I have in mine.

Peggi  Ingram, RN BSN, CPT



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