What Do You Mean I Am Not the Only One?

Posted on September 30, 2012 by


While I respected my friends’ positive changes made through Genesis, I also thought they were a bit overboard with their GT ways. I thought they only cared about the scale and were not “living life”. I thought,  MY life doesn’t work like that.   I have too many social events with friends and family to completely follow GT.  Besides by doing mostly what my coach says and doing a lot of what I “already knew” I was dropping weight pretty well.   When I was only 10 pounds away from goal, I thought I knew how to reach it on my own.   Everyone else might need a coach but I could achieve this without help.  I wanted to appear like, eh – yeah, fat loss, no biggie.  After all, I was a fitness junkie, I read all of the diet books, I went to the gym, I SHOULD be able to do this.

I had too many time commitments on my schedule to keep up with coaching and paying for it.  On GT I ate way too many carbs, when I ditched carbs here and there I would drop weight on the scale.   I learned a lot from my coach but I was ready to go off on my own now.  I appreciated GT for minimizing wine to a couple glasses on a weekend and for teaching me how to eat clean.  Kudos to all of those people that don’t have responsibilities but I happen to work, have appetizers and drinks in front of me at friend & family gathering, a house to clean, groceries to buy and cook, laundry to do, get to the gym and most importantly, it would be nice to spend some time with my husband, so GT doesn’t work for ME.  (Hear any stories I protected myself with because I was not as strong and smart as I wanted to be received as being? All I hear are stories)

After quitting coaching I kept up with the weight loss for a bit but then the holidays came, along with all of my beliefs of “enjoying life” and all of those social events had wine and cheese, all of those nights we had family in town eating pizza, declaring it’s ok, because this is how I roll with the holidays – January 1st, I’m right back at it.  All of those GT people aren’t able to enjoy food like this but I want to make my family and friends comfortable so I eat like they do.

So there I sat in my terminal uniqueness after the holidays, now 35 pounds away from my goal, I had gained 25 pounds back!  I read the forums and soon realized that I was not all that unique, I was not the only one with a job or friends or events, and my goodness, some of these people even have KIDS.

These successful GT people just did, whatever they had to do to make their health #1, they did it.  They didn’t think up stories to protect themselves for what they couldn’t do.  All of these people on the website wrote about “enjoying life” and how good they feel now, including my friends that I just didn’t understand until I personally experienced what superb health feels like.  THEY were the ones enjoying life while I was stressing over weight loss, the scale, how much food I was eating, if I was making everyone happy and comfortable.…They were enjoying while working, grocery shopping, cleaning, holidays, kids, vacations, gym time – all of these people had every bit of outside responsibility that I did, and then some!  THEY were making it all work.

This time I decided to be a Do’er. I dropped the excuses, the ego, the many fears, AND THE THOUGHTS OF SUPERIORITY!   I worked on something else with Sheri this time.  This time, I showed up present, I showed up with faith and trust and without the thought of victimhood from my schedule that I created.   Every successful GT’er has gone through the exact same stuff I have, they didn’t have to be right or excuse their behavior, they made choices of change and therefore made progress.

I didn’t put emphasis on the scale this time and I didn’t need to be right because it was clear to me that what I was doing WASN’T working for me.  This time, we worked on my thoughts and letting go of stories, somewhere in our meeting my weight would come up but we would quickly move onto advancing in my life and fitness goals. I have never ever felt so successful, fulfilled, happy and in a constant state of slight discomfort of change and growth.

Through coaching with Sheri and living a life that feels good from the foods I eat, the water I drink, the time I make for sleep, the way I think and the exercise I enjoy – I BECAME unique, I am unique with all of my fellow GT’ers this time around.  We, together are a beautifully unique group of people that are so brave and strong and open to change and growth.  GT’ers are unique in that we take responsibility for our actions.  We either allow our cells to regenerate or degenerate.   We care for ourselves without effort or stress, that’s just what we DO.  Once there, it is so damn awesome and easy!

If ever you feel as though you can’t follow a clean diet or an exercise program, ask yourself WHY you think you can or can’t do something.   WHAT makes you different from everyone else?  Are you  guarding your sacred beliefs that you grew up on?  It’s fun to ask yourself how your beliefs and actions are working for you – do you feel energized, do you love the body you have in the mirror, do you feel good, are you happy?  We can’t expect a different result if we always do what we always have….

Katie Surjan

Genesis Transformation Coach