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Director: Roko Belic

2011, 75 minutes, NR

You won’t need popcorn, soda, or candy to enjoy this movie.  You won’t even need to be too comfortable…just watch and get happy.  I mean it.

The film takes an intimate look at the lives of several people in different corners of the world and explores what really makes them happy.  In one case a man chooses to live simply and surf often, there is a family surrounded by loving neighbors in one of the poorest slums in the world, a woman who used to have ‘it all’ is transformed by a devastating accident – and learns that happiness may be closer than she ever thought possible…

Perhaps the most inspiring aspect of this film is that happiness is available to everyone.  Sometimes we forget that it is there for the taking…our happy mechanisms may atrophy; we can loose this most delicious bit of being a human being…BUT we can get it all back, and it is %100 free.

DISCLAIMERThere are some scenes of fried foods and carbonated sweetened beverages being enjoyed in this movie by happy people.  Some footage may be disturbing to some viewers.  Please discuss including these foods in your diet with a certified Genesis coach before making any rash decisions.

Extremely Happy to share this movie with you,

David Cohen

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