Kelly’s Journey: October 2012

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Moving right along and getting closer to goal.  Only about 7 pounds until I reach 155 and pass the 100 pound mark.  OMG!  I can hardly believe it.  I joke when I say I needed to loose a whole person, but it really is true.This month has been a different one for me because I strained my shoulder working with the kettle bells and ended up going high for the better part of two weeks to give my body time to heal.  This is the first time I’ve had an injury other than being sore for a few days after a hard or new exercise.  Although I was eating high calories so long, I continued to loose at pretty much my normal pace because I made sure to keep my food in order.  With that and a few trips to the chiropractor I’m feeling much better and back on rotation, looking forward to getting back to the gym and good progress in the coming weeks.I have also been traveling the past two weekends visiting family in Michigan and my husband in Nebraska where he is working for 6 weeks.  Traveling for me is not a big deal because I prepare much of my food before hand, pack the cooler and request some fridge space from which ever house I’m staying at.  I bring grilled chicken, turkey taco meat and tuna salad that I keep in the fridge and can easily top salad greens for good meals.  I just pack a grocery bag with my scale, oil and balsamic and salsa for topping.  While I’m on the road I much on boiled eggs, apples, bell pepper strips and raw almonds.  I always have a big breakfast before I leave, and dinner when I arrive at my destination.  My husband brought an electric skillet on this trip so I am even able to make scrambled eggs for breakfast while in the hotel.  Just like home….almost.
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