2 Very Pink Lines

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Week 24-  We are just cruising right along.  With only 16 weeks to go, we have a very happy baby just hanging out using mommy’s bladder as a tampoline.  As if I didn’t have to pee enough from all the water I drink, now I have a little girl trying to squeeze it out of me.  Hopefully she doesn’t break the dam while I’m at work – might be a little embarrassing!  Macklynn is still sitting very breech but has some time to get her act together and turn.  No C-Section please!

Lots going on in the Zimmerman house this past month.  Between trading in cars and purchasing a new one, tearing out much of the overgrown landscaping in the front of the house, painting the nursery, doing a million-gagillion loads of laundry, on top of working and chasing after an 18 month old, I’m EXHAUSTED!  By the end of the night, my husband and I have the least desire to keep up on the cooking but with him eating 3700 calories/day and Remington seeming to eat close to the same amount, we run out of food pretty quickly.  My mission for the next couple of weeks as the weather cools is to find some quick, clean, crock pot meals that will take as little effort as possible.  Any good recipes, please send them my way!

By Amy Zimmerman, BSN, RN

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