Kelly’s Journey – September 2012

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I got my hair cut super short today!
I’ve worked out with my friends on the beach the past two weekends!
I wore a dress to work last week!
I jog up hills during my cardio training!
I wear tank tops without a cover up shirt!
I go to yoga every Wednesday!

These days I find myself doing many things that are new and different and it’s very cool. I’ve always wanted to cut my hair but never would because my face was so round and my chin and neck were big enough for two people.  And, even though I’m sore after a tough new workout it feels good because I’m doing good for myself, and having fun with my friends at the same time.  I consider these to be rewards for finally taking care of ME and gaining control of my BODY and my HEALTH!
I’ve lost 90 pounds now and I have 10 to go until I hit my first goal.  I’ll probably maintain for a short while but I feel like there is more work to be done to really get where I want to be.  It’s hard to set a final number when you need to loose a whole person.
When I started this journey almost a year and a half ago my intention was to loose some weight.  I have done that, but boy-o-boy I have gained so much more in the process.  If anyone reading this has any doubts about the Genesis Transformation program throw them right in the trash along with the crappy processed food your eating and do something great for YOU!

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