2 Very Pink Lines – Sept 2012

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20 Weeks!

Woohoo! Week 20 – the half way mark and I am very happy to announce that we are having another little girl! Miss Macklynn Elizabeth Zimmerman will joining our crazy lives in (hopefully, but I learned my lesson the first time) 20 weeks! I have to say, I called it the night before our ultrasound because my husband put his hand on my belly to feel her move for the first time. She started going crazy when she’s usually very calm for me. I thought to myself, “oh GREAT! Another daddy’s girl!” Sure enough, after a lot of persuading, she allowed us to see that she’s a girl.

Before that defining moment of the ‘daddy test’, we thought for sure it was a boy because my pregnancy had been completely different from the first. But as I reflect more and more on it, I am seeing that the nausea, headaches, and heartburn were all mostly related to my bad eating habits. After following GT for 3 months before this pregnancy, to all of a sudden thinking it’s acceptable to start feeding myself crap, my body was in upheaval! I’m not saying that things are perfect now, but like every other GT’er, I’m learning along the way. I’m finding things out about myself and my body that I never expected. I’m learning more about the dynamics of my marriage, even as my husband works on his GT journey. I have to say, I’m thankful my mom had found GT and introduced it to all of us GT’ers in this area. It’s allowed us to see a happier, healthier side of life.

Amy Zimmerman, BSN, RN  

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