Kelly’s Journey: July 2012

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During the past month I’ve experienced a big change at home.  My husband has recently moved from an office position to a field service position within his company.  This means he is now traveling for work and gone 80% of the time.  If you’ve been reading my entries for a while you know that my husband has been a huge support during my transformation.  It has been quite an adjustment and in the beginning, I was spending hours each night just getting my dinner and food ready for the next day. I would just about fall into bed each night.  It’s quite a bit different with only one person preparing things instead of two, and we all know GT style does not mean less food for one person so there is still much to prepare.

However, just like journaling my food, in a few weeks I had a system down. I made some small changes to simplify the meals I choose and began to cook larger amounts a few days per week of foods like chicken and lean beef taco style that I can weigh and keep in the fridge or freezer.  That way I can grab and go much easier and save valuable time other days.  I also make giant bowls of salad greens so I can easily grab some and dress it up with what ever fresh veggies I have on hand.

I have been using my food saver almost daily.  I’ve had it for several years but it’s really beginning to pay for itself now.  I can pre-weigh chicken and other foods that are kept fresh in the fridge for days on end, compared to just having them in a lidded bowl.  I even use it for avocado on the pulse feature and it could stay green for several days (they never make it that long though : )

In the end I feel better knowing that I can make such a large change in lifestyle and keep right on plan, still loosing fat and eating clean healthy foods.  It’s made me feel stronger as a person because I can do this myself.

I’m at 172 now. That’s 83 pounds from my start weight of 255 in March 2011.  Pretty incredible only 17 pounds to go until I hit my 100 pound goal.  I would have never guessed this even one year ago because it always seems so far away when your just getting started.  But just like my husband now traveling, we started and are making it work.  Now it seems like second nature.  START NOW! And before you know it you’ll be miles down the road.

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