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Traveling and sticking to your Genesis Transformation program can be a challenge, to say the least! But it is possible with a little planning ahead of time.

Having just returned from a 2-week trip that included car and air travel, three different hotels, one family stop over and an all-day meeting for my job, I was pretty proud of myself to get home, having only gained one pound. It took planning and some new travel accessories.

Before leaving home, I purchased a small Hamilton Beach blender, intended to be portable. I packed my little blender and my gram scale into my suitcase along with my protein powder, zip lock bags and assorted snack foods. The first leg of my journey was by car so I had the luxury of a cooler filled with pre-weighed sliced chicken, a container of salad, a small bottle of white balsamic vinegar, cold seltzer drinks, apples, steamed veggies, low fat cheese and almond milk for my smoothies.

The first stop was a hotel with a small frig in the room. I learned to ask when making my room reservations if there was a frig and if they had a workout room. When I was settled into my room I went on line to the restaurant where I would be eating that night and planned my meal. I had been able to guess what might be available and had to make only minor adjustments to the remainder of the day.

Go online in the morning when you are planning your day and know you will be eating in a restaurant. Many restaurants post their menus on their web site and you can figure out what to order ahead of time.  Look for broiled or grilled chicken or fish, steamed vegetables and salads (dressing on the side). Keep in mind that restaurant food is not prepared like you do at home. Many meats are pre-cooked and contain quite a bit of sodium. Often fish and chicken is breaded and/or fried. Salad dressings are quite high in fat and sodium as well. If cocktails or wine are in the plans you can order a sparkling water or seltzer with a wedge of lemon or lime. If it is a cocktail party, ask for your drink in a wine glass and you will feel like you are part of the party too. Just do the best you can.

My next stop was in a family member’s home but involved a day of plane travel with a 4-hour delay. I packed some low fat cheese and rice crackers, apples, nuts and steamed broccoli. I carried two 2.5oz cans of tuna in my carry on but never had the nerve to open it until I was at my destination. The days of air travel are definitely the most challenging.  If you know the airport you can look up menus on line for restaurants and plan your meals. I avoid these due to some bad experiences in the past.

Several restaurants later I landed in an eastern college town. I stocked up my room (no frig this time) and used the ice bucket to hold some frozen blueberries for my smoothies.  I frequented the local market to keep some food in my room and came up with another idea for a place to eat the night pizza was suggested!

My final stop was an all-day meeting where I brought one of those little tuna cans from a nearby market to top off a salad I ordered in place of a sandwich for lunch. I had a frig in my room with a freezer compartment so I restocked my cooler for the final leg driving home.

Most trips aren’t quite as complicated as this one but I learned a few tricks along the way. I was glad I had a couple of months experience with Genesis prior to this trip so I had some food ideas already handy. The smoothies are a true foundation to the whole day, especially when traveling.

Exercise is pretty easy if you know you have a workout room in the hotels where you are staying. Otherwise, I always travel in my walking shoes, take a brisk walk in the airports and walk every morning before the day gets into full swing. Many hotel workout rooms have hand weights so you can keep up with strength training. Most have a bike of some sort and a treadmill. My heart monitor tucked into my suitcase without taking up much room and came in handy when exercising in unfamiliar territory.

It’s a challenge but with a little pre-planning each day it is possible to not stray too far off your plan.  Happy traveling!


Jackson, WY


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