Jan’s Journey – A Complete Transformation!!

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This is the final installment of Jan’s Journey – and we are so proud of her!  We fully appreciate that she has shared her journey of the last 19 months with all of us, religiously holding herself accountable to us in her monthly newsletter column Jan’s Journey.  Jan, we celebrate your success!

Jan Mahon aka Skinny Mini

Jan, after transformation

TOUCH DOWN!  I met my goal!!!!  82 weeks, 86 lbs lost (4 more than planned..but heh..who’s counting?Truly truly AMAZING!  Needless to say, I am so proud of myself.  I am so thankful for this program, for my coach, Samantha, for my inspiration, Lisa Duetsch, and for my husband and my 90 year old Mother who supported me through this journey.  My Mom is so proud and happy to have a skinny daughter at last! She is giving me clothes now…now that is totally weird as I used to be more than twice her size!  And all my husband can say is “you’re a legend!”  He is so proud! My friends are truly astonished at my transformation.  I have given out the website more times in the last week than I can count.  I am now wearing size 6!  SHOCKING! All my life, I have been big and just accepted that there were fewer clothes to choose from in larger sizes.  And guess what?  I now find there isn’t as much at the low end either!  Not many 6s and 8s.  I was surprised.  Fortunately,I am retired and don’t need many clothes but I am sure ecstatic to be prancing around in my size 6 skinny jeans!

I had heard that the toughest pounds to lose were the last few to get to your goal.  I found that to be true until the last week.  I was under a lot of stress before we left Arizona for Montana and was having trouble dropping pounds so Samantha dropped my calories about 3 weeks ago.  I started to lose again slowly but once I got rid of the stress, I lost the last few pounds easily.  So lesson learned is…..STOP THINKING ABOUT IT SO MUCH!  Live and enjoy life and remove stress from your life.  Stay the course of eating clean and exercising regularly and the fat WILL come off.
I not only look great, I feel great.  (I still need to do some firming up and I do plan to do that while in Maintenance.)  I have so much energy (after all my body is a Ferrari now, according to Sheri).  My blood pressure is low, my cholesterol is low, all of my blood tests are perfect according to my cardiologist and I have only 20% body fat!  WOW… all I can say is WOW!  Isn’t this truly amazing?

Jan, before

Coach Samantha and Jan celebrate!

Jan after! Wowzer!


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