Client Story: Stacie M.

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Courtney Townley

Stacie M had stalled in her weight loss and was focusing on all the things going ‘wrong’, rather than even noticing what was going ‘right’.  Many times in GT, we find that this kind of mental negativity will actually hold up fat loss.

The body believes whatever we tell it – and when we consistently tell our body it’s not working well, that it’s inferior, that it will ‘never’ reach a better place – then the body does it’s best to make sure you’re telling the truth.  We will actually back up that thinking with small (and not so small!) episodes of self sabotage – just enough to keep us from progressing – matching what we are telling ourselves!

To break this pattern, I asked Stacie to make a list of all that is going well for her.  Surprisingly, there was quite a bit!  With her permission, I am sharing her list:

What has gone well and what I have done thus far in the process: 
1. I have lost approximately 40 pounds, and 9% body fat.
2. I have lost over 28 inches of fat off of my body.
3. I no longer have high triglycerides.
4. I no longer have metabolic syndrome.
5. I have gone from a size 24 to a size 16. ( I even got a pair of 14s today)
6. I have cleaned salt and sugar out of my diet and am eating healthy foods.
7. I am exercising again, and not killing myself!
8. I have more energy than I have had in years.
9. I am in total control of what I put in my mouth.
10. I am not in even half the pain that I used to be in.
11. The recent Tres Dias weekend that I worked was the ONLY one that I have done PAIN-FREE.
12. My cholesterol has dropped significantly.
13. I get to eat like a horse and not starve myself. (Love it!)
14. I don’t eat processed crap anymore.
15. I am not deprived.
16. I can move easier.
17. I have increased my workout speed by .5 miles per hour in order to get the same resulting heart rates, ie: better cardiac condition.
18. I get good nights sleeps.
19. I no longer have to shop in the plus sized section of the stores.
20. This is just the beginning of the new healthier me!
Thanks for sharing, Stacie!
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