Opportunity Knocks – Erin Sabin

Posted on May 2, 2010 by


Last week I had the opportunity to attend the IDEA Fitness Fusion Conference in Chicago with Sheri, Samantha and Christy

Sheri, Samantha, ERIN, Christy

Ewing.  I was excited to spend the weekend with 3 amazing women, attend a few continuing education sessions and talk about Genesis with fitness professionals from around the world.  On top of my excitement were my nerves.  I was nervous and scared; really for all the same reasons I was excited, as well as leaving the comfort of my home, my family and my routines.

Over the weeks prior to the conference I had been thinking about opportunity and how we respond to the opportunities we are faced with in our lives.  As I settled into my seat on the plane, I opened my journal and decided to write about opportunities that have presented themselves in my life, how I have handled them and how I am going to embrace the opportunities I am faced with now.

I realized that for the majority of my life I have been a complacent participant.  I was comfortable to sit back and do my best not to rock the boat.  A deep part of me believed whole heartedly that the life I deserved would come to me and one day I would be wealthy, one day the career I always wanted would present itself on my front door, one day my dreams would all come true.

In a way, the life I deserved did come to me.  I have certainly been blessed, but in my passive approach, I got a lot of what I gave.  I struggled to find a rewarding career, I ignored my finances and I took my health for granted.  I didn’t try very hard and life allowed me to get by.

With my journaling I learned opportunity is everywhere and so are people who are hungry and fighting for their dreams.  If I am not taking an active role in my life; embracing the opportunities in front of me, someone else will.  Embracing opportunity can be scary.  It involves redefining and letting go of a lot of the deep seeded personal beliefs that I have carried for years, it involves taking risks; rocking the boat.  But the rewards outweigh the risk.  Embracing opportunity is empowering and being an active participant is the only way to create a life that will allow dreams to come true.