Jan’s Journey May 2010

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I am finishing my six month on Genesis and am reflecting on my experience.  I have lost 25 pounds and a lot of inches (I really don’t know how many).  I have been frustrated though at how slow I am progressing and with the fact that I have had a few problems along the way that have impacted my progress. I have A-fib which is a condition of periodically getting an irregular heart beat.  These episodes are like running a marathon for days and I get dizzy and can pass out if I move too fast while my heart is beating irregularly.  I have had this condition for at least 12 years and had quite a few episodes while I was working which I think might have been caused by stress.  I retired in 2005 and have the condition controlled with medication and did not have one incident for 4 1/2 years up until last November when I started Genesis.  I have had four episodes in the last six months lasting anywhere from 2-7 days.  The 7 day episode was while we were on a
Caribbean cruise recently and I had to be cardioverted at the hospital when I got home.  I am fine now but have tried to figure out why I am all of a sudden having more frequent Afib episodes now that I am “getting healthy”.  Well the hospital nurse and I discussed the situation and we think we might have come up with an answer (the doctor doesn’t agree, he just wants to give me other pills or do surgery, so typical!).  My last blood tests showed signs of dehydration (this is a cause of Afib) and I thought that was weird since I am drinking one gallon of water a day.  But I have also lowered my sodium intake in the last six months from over 3000 mg/day to 300-600 mg/day.  Ah Ha!  I overdid it!  Sodium is needed to retain the water we drink and as with everything, we need to take it in moderation.  We didn’t think anything was wrong with my low sodium intake until now.  Since I live in Arizona where the humidity is very low, it is very important that I keep my sodium level near the target of 1200mg/day.  I am now taking in more sodium and am doing fine.  We will only know over the course of the next six months if this was the culprit for my resurgence of Afib, but I think I am on the right track now.  So my learnings from this experience is “EVERYTHING IN MODERATION!” and try your best to meet ALL of the macro-nutrient goals on the plan everyday.

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