The Lost Art of Goal Achievement

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Courtney Townley

Setting a goal is easy, achieving it is not. The New Year inspires goal-setting unlike any other time of the year, especially goal-setting with health based objectives.  Fitness facilities, supplement companies, and the authors of endless diet books make a fortune at the start of each new year because of the promises that millions of Americans  make to themselves to improve their health and wellness.  Those same entities continue to make a fortune throughout the year based on the assumption that most of those goals will never be reached.  Sad but true.
It seems to be a human trait to struggle with the “follow through” of good intention. Rather than taking small steps towards our destination, we attempt the journey with one giant leap, and when we fail, we quit the path we are on and try another class, diet, or supplement that promises success with little or no effort on our part!   Achieving a goal, especially a fitness goal, clearly requires a lot more than jotting down a few well-meaning words in a new journal with a favorite pen.   It requires a belief that the goal can be achieved, patience to establish new habits and undo old ones, and perseverance (aka…hard work, repeating the new habits day in and day out until the desired outcome is achieved).
The Genesis Transformation process teaches us that we are worth achieving our goals and, as we get comfortable with our worthiness, our faith in what we can accomplish grows….we start to believe that the goals we have set for ourselves really are attainable.  The daily rituals of journaling and preparing food, working out and drinking ample amounts of water help us establish new habits in place of ones  that no longer serve us (like frequenting the drive through at McDonalds).   Our coaches remind us on a weekly basis to be patient with the process and ourselves when we feel like running for the hills….they hold us accountable to doing what we said we would do.
The ability of Genesis to transform lives goes well beyond health-based fat loss.  It teaches participants how to break down a large goal into much smaller attainable goals and how to stay the course in the midst of stormy waters.  Clients who complete their GT process always talk about how empowered they feel, and, in part, that has to do with the weight they have lost.  But looking back on the journey they have traveled to get to where they said they wanted to be is when they realize that, with a progressive and systematic plan they hold themselves accountable to, they can achieve anything.
I recently heard the lyrics to a song on the radio that went something along the lines of “we crawl before we walk, we run before we jump, we fly before there are no limits….so let’s start to crawl”, and they reminded me so much of the GT process.    Once we have arrived at our fat loss goal, once we have tasted the sweetness of that success and recognized the series of small steps it took to get us there,   there are no limits to what we can achieve…. as long as we are willing to start with a crawl.

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