Jan’s Journey – January

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This is the 2nd of Jan’s monthly installments, tracking her Transformation progress.

My journey the last month has been up and down, both emotionally and on the scale. I sailed through Thanksgiving without gaining a pound. I couldn’t even get all my food in as I was too busy cooking for everyone else! It must be the first time in my life that I didn’t gain any weight over the Thanksgiving holiday. Yippee!
I am still in fueling and I understand that we aren’t typically supposed to lose weight during this time. Well I did lose steadily for quite a while but I had gained almost 3 lbs in the last week and kept it on so it is a bit discouraging. Samantha says the scale is just “data” and that it is temporary inflammation but it seems to be staying with me. I had another a-fib incident a week ago and I guess that impacted my progress but I have tried hard to stay the course. I haven’t knowingly cheated in any way. I just feel like I must be doing something wrong. And alas, I found out what it was . I did not know there was a difference between steel cut oats and rolled oats. I just knew that I was not supposed to eat the “quick” oats. Well my protein bars during the week of the weight gain were all made with steel cut oats. Well much to my amazement, Samantha told me that steel cut oats have twice the calories and protein and carbs as rolled oats! Guess what that did to all my numbers! Yikes! Here I thought I was staying well within my goal numbers and I was blowing them out! Put this down as one big lesson learned!

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