Sheri’s Rants # 32: Set Your Goals and ORGANIZE

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Resolutions are nice, yes – if you understand that resolutions are basically an emotional response.  Other words for ‘resolute’ are: purposeful, adamant, firm, unswerving, steadfast, staunch, unwavering, unfaltering, persistent…you get the drift.  We make ‘resolutions’ out of a feeling of resolve for change.

Moving from a resolution to a GOAL requires a little more thought and preparation. Can this resolution be achieved?  You take the emotional resolution and put it into real life terms – an actual goal.  Oh, we’ve lost some of you now… it’s one thing to say ‘This year I’m going to lose weight’ and quite another to say ‘By June of 2010 I will have lost 25 lbs and be wearing those jeans I bought 8 years ago’.

FROM THERE – you take that GOAL and you get organized around it. What do you need to accomplish that goal?  Who do you need to hire?  What do you need to learn?  Where do you need to show up? How much time do you need to devote on a daily – yes daily – basis?  Who can you talk to about it?  Who will support you?  Who will hold you accountable?  How serious are you willing you get?  Where will you track the steps you’re going to take?

Sounding complicated?

It is. Change is challenging – that’s why we don’t like to do it.  Even if it’s GOOD change.  Change is change – the mechanics are the same if it’s ‘good’ change or ‘bad’ change.  Like stress.  You’ve got ‘eustress’ (good stress) and ‘distress’ (bad stress) – but it’s all still stress.  My eye will twitch from stress whether it’s over an exciting event or a traumatic event; my body does not know the difference.  My emotions do, but not my body.

Here’s the saving grace, however.  Once you become resolute about a change you want to make, you set some goals around it – and then get organized, magic starts happening.  Yes, magic.

Organizing your lifestyle to accommodate a change you desire – to achieve a goal that you set for yourself – is a loud statement to your internal process that you are preparing for that change.  In other words, in the process of organizing your external machinations, you are also organizing your internal process.  It’s how you communicate with YOU that you’re serious about the change you’re wanting.

Keni organizes to master the balance beam.

My friend Jack reminds me that I am unlimited in any organization that I choose.  I am free to organize my life in any direction that I prefer. I can organize around changing my physical fitness, changing my business, making more money, making less money, increasing travel opportunities – whatever.  The point is that it’s not hopeful wishing the brings change.  It’s actual organization.

The way I organize my daily living tells me a lot about where I am organizing internally. If I say I want more friends, for example, but am not organizing my life in a way that allows me to be around like minded people, then I am not organized around making more friends.  See?  I can set a goal to ‘make new friends’.  Next I need to organize my time, my activities to allow this goal to be achieved.  I need to organize my thinking to be willing to be open to new people.

Set resolutions.  Go ahead.  Now get serious.  Utilize those resolutions for your goal setting – and then – the most important step – organize around it.  Organize your external behavior and  organize your thoughts as well. Because at first, you’ll be challenged.  At first, it will be hard.  At first, you’ll balk and get resistant to the change.  If you’re not organized enough, this is where you’ll falter.  Just follow the organized path you’ve set – you will be graceful during the change and you will accomplish your goals.

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