Beginner’s Workout 2

Posted on January 16, 2010 by


This is a good workout whether you are a beginner, or a more advanced exerciser coming back from illness or needing a recovery day.  Go slow and pay attention to your movement:

Start with 15 repetitions of each exercise for the first set.  Shift to 12 repetitions for the next 2 sets.

Stationary Lunges

Stand next to a wall for added support.  Stand with left leg forward right leg back, hip distance apart.  Be sure to keep the pubic bone forward to prevent an arch in the low back.

INHALE: Reach your tailbone down to the floor

EXHALE: Return to starting position

Switch sides

Supported Hip Extension

Stand with hands on a bench or counter, hinging forward at the hip.  Be sure ankle, knee and hip are in a straight line.  Shift weight to the right foot keeping right knee soft.

EXHALE: Lift left leg off the floor with flexed foot

INHALE: Return to starting position; switch sides

Ab Crunches with Stability Ball

Lie on your back on a mat with legs resting on a stability ball.  Bring hands up to head, keeping shoulder blades back and down and spine in neutral

EXHALE: Reach chin to chest while looking over the top of your knees and maintaining neutral spine and keeping your legs relaxed

INHALE: Return to starting position

Overhead Press

Sit on a stability ball or bench with feet hip distance apart. Hold dumbbells in your hands, 3-5 pounds is fine.  Bring arms up so there is a 90-degree angle at the elbow.

EXHALE: Reach dumbbells over your head so they meet right above your head, keeping shoulders down

INHALE: Return to starting position

Wall Push Ups

Stand about 3 feet away from a wall with hands directly in front of the shoulders.  Knees are soft and heels are lifted off the floor.

INHALE: Reach your chest toward the wall, not your chin, while keeping your elbows close to the body

EXHALE: Push yourself back to your starting position.  Be aware of keeping your shoulder blades pressed together and down.