Sheri’s Rants # 29: Fun With Water

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“Sheri, I had such a great week.  The best ever.  I am feeling so good and finally feel like I can be successful and have what I want with my body!  I’m so excited.”

I’ll bite.   “What happened?”

“Well,” she gushed, “every day I am really good about drinking 3 quarts of water.  I’m great with that.  This last week, I decided to push it and I drank FOUR quarts a day!  It was incredible!  My skin got softer, my moods settled down, my bowels got better, I slept a little better AND I finally dropped weight!  It’s so amazing!”

I was speechless.  “Really?”  I said.  This gal was really proud of herself.  She was in the presence of a True Miracle of her body and she was H-A-P-P-Y.

“You do know” I could not HELP but add, “I’ve been telling you to drink four quarts since you started, right?”

“OH I KNOW” she went on “but I couldn’t possibly.  So when I did push it, it’s incredible the difference!  You guys should really be talking about this.  I had no idea!”

In Genesis Transformation your coach gives you very clear and simple directions.  If you follow them, things will happen and you are going to feel GOOD quickly and your body will move right along.  Here’s the thing:  do you really think we will tell you to drink 4 quarts of water because 3 quarts is good enough?  Really?  Do you think we say ‘avoid alcohol’ because we’re cruel?  ‘Put down the cupcakes’ because we like to see you writhe?

We get into these little weird sabotage patterns because no matter what we SAY we want, our behavior will get slippy when our body is changing.  That’s the way we humans are.  We’ll work out 4 days a week and that is working, and when our weight is moving then we decide 3 should be ‘good enough’ and then a couple weeks later the weight stalls and we act all surprised.  Hello. We’ll be cruising along eating to plan and suddenly we decide we don’t need to pay attention to amounts so much anymore, we get random, and that works for about 10 days and then things stall and we’re surprised.  Hello.

We’re good at fat loss, really good.  Really.  We already slimmed the system down to the simple of ‘what works’ to get your body to burn fat.  We didn’t leave any padding or ‘fudge room’. As a heads up.

Here’s another good one:

Diana had been struggling with her weight for most of the last year.  Her weight made very strange fluctuations that didn’t make sense, and had settled into a high range that did not make sense for her.  Other odd symptoms: swollen fingers, general inflammation, her blood pressure was up.    She sent me this email (reprinted with permission):

I had the refrigerator man come this week to fix a problem with my dispenser, and I learned something interesting.  You wonder what this has to do with anything, don’t you?  Well, turns out that my water softener was hooked into the water coming through my dispenser, so I was drinking “salt” water.  How’s that for an interesting twist.  I have it temporarily fixed and need to call a plumber for a permanent fix, but I thought that was good to know…


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