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As we move into fall and get ready to settle in for the long, cold winter, suddenly many of my clients are ready to get serious about their transformations again.  I am often asked, “How do I get back on track?” One bite at a time is where to start, and I am not just talking about food.  This includes your food choices, your daily habits, your workout habits and most importantly your mental choices and the words you choose to use about yourself and your present journey.

Start with being accountable on all levels. It is important to record every morsel that you put into your body.  If you walk

Jamie Lynn

Jamie Lynn

by your kid’s plate and grab a bite of toast, record it.  It may not make a big change in the overall daily journal, but if you let that go, you will let the other stuff go too.   If you put an extra tablespoon of cream in your coffee, that will have an impact on your macronutrients.  Be accountable for your day.  It is only a perfect day in Genesis when you actually eat everything that is on your menu, and only what is on your menu.

Get on the scale. If you have decided that now is the time to be accountable to yourself, weighing yourself everyday is a must.  If you do not weigh, how are you going to know if the chocolate cookie you ate had any impact on your weight. If you wake up the next morning and feel fine, you may give yourself permission to do it again. The scale is a tool for you and for your coach.  We need to know and you need to know what impact your choices are having on your body.

Begin to increase the intensity of your workouts, no matter what your fitness level is.  I find the easiest way to do this is to join a small group or find a workout partner.  We will often find a thousand reasons why we can’t make it to the gym, but if someone is meeting you there, those reasons suddenly are not that important. If you are bored with your current workout routine, get online and find some new exercises, pick up a fitness magazine, or get a strength training video from Netflix.  Change is good!!

Change your mind.  Genesis Transformation is easy.  However, we sometimes make it hard.  Change your mind and your choice of words when talking about your journey.  When someone asks you if you want a glass of wine and a cocktail party, try answering with, “No thank you,” not “I can’t.”  You absolutely can, however you are CHOOSING not to.  Genesis Transformation is not about depriving yourself; it is about making better choices to help improve your overall health and wellness.

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