Sheri’s Rants # 25: Get Used to Being Rude

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Openly Rude Joyous Behavior.

Openly Rude Joyous Behavior.

The Genesis Transformation community has it’s own outlet for support – a private forum embedded into Genesis itself where folks go and celebrate, whine, cajole, humor, and support each other.  It’s a fun place to hang out.

I came across a post in there where the writer was despairing of attending a dinner party.  What was promised to be served (meat, veggies, fruit) turned out to be someone else’s version of healthy eating (spagetti, meat sauce, bread).  The writer was unhappy to have eaten things that she knows throws her body off track, and wanted to know how to navigate social events since, of course, we DON’T WANT TO BE RUDE.  Especially for something as ridiculous as our personal health and well being.  No.  That’s just socially unacceptable.  You can’t be taking care of yourself in public.  God forbid.

This inspired me to write a list of other things that are rude when it comes to health:


Get up early in the morning and exercise in the living room. Someone, somewhere, is sleeping.

Drive to the gym in the early morning.  Your headlights may flash through someone’s window and they’ll know it’s you, selfishly taking yourself to the gym at the butt crack of dawn.

Go to the gym after work.  There are other people there and you will only get in the way.

Drink copious amounts of water and use the bathroom when others may need it.

Go to a party and not have alcohol.  Someone bought that booze for you to consume.  Don’t leave it lying there.

Drive right by a McDonalds and not stop.  Who do you think YOU are?

Not buy popcorn in a movie theater.  That’s how theaters make their money.

Special order in a restaurant.  Don’t be wasting the chef’s time.  Just pay for what they serve and eat it like everyone else.

Leave cupcakes unattended overnight.  They go stale and someone labored over baking them.

Leave unopened candy lying around.  What will people think?  You’re too good for a Snickers?

Sweat.  That’s gross AND rude.

Go for a walk at lunch while everyone else is pretending to work.

Avoid the cheesecake at a dinner party.  You think you’re someone? Sugar is a food group.

Pass up the hotdogs at the picnic.  You’ll offend the person assigned to making sure you imbibe in all the appropriate picnic foods.  Don’t you dare avoid the potato salad or chips.

Wear cute clothes that show your new figure in any type of an attractive way.  How conceited!

Enjoy a massage.  I’m sure you have work to do or someone to do things for.  This is also very selfish as well.

Go to a buffet and bring the salad and only eat that.  You too good for Aunt Ednas frozen lasagne?  She made that trip to Costco just for YOU.

Smile while working out.

Show up at a BBQ with a veggie tray.  No wonder your biceps are showing.

Be lean and fit in public.  Freak!

Got more?  Let’s hear ’em!

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