Sheri’s Rants #22: Feed the Dog That Serves You

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I’m in the Flathead Valley of Montana right now.  Been here a week, (im)patiently waiting for my daughter to give birth.  We’ve had several false starts, a couple practice runs, and a range of professional predictions that we grab onto like we need air.  Any woman that’s ever gone past her due date knows what this feels like.   My role as doula is assumed, as I have assisted in her first 2 births and she cannot imagine birthing any other way.  My ‘busy schedule’ demands I be back on the road today and that is not going to happen.   I’m in very tight quarters with my daughter’s family; and I’ve a wide range of reasons that I could choose to be in complete discomfort.  But I don’t want to be that person.

Two of my dogs, BabyDoll and Mangas, are with me and saving my ass.   They are reminding me of things like to get outside for long walks a couple times a day, to play, to pet, to cuddle, to keep a schedule, to wake up early and get my yoga/meditation done before they need to eat and run.  They are reminding me to stay patient and let life be what it is.  They are reminding me to take naps while I can.

They are also reminding me of an analogy I find myself referring to quite a bit;  I’ve used it for so many years that I no longer remember where I heard it – I have some guesses but I’d hate to throw it out there and not nail it.  SO, here’s the story and let me credit it somewhere else – to someone wiser than me:

Your negative thinking, and your Old Ways of doing things are represented by a Black Dog.  Your positive thinking and New

Ways of doing things are represented by a White Dog.  These two dogs are powerful and they each have distinct characteristics, along with big white teeth.  When you are making choices about how to do or be, the Black Dog and the White Dog do battle.  They fight.

Now, anytime 2 dogs are in a fight, which dog is gonna win?

The dog that you feed.

I am thinking of this analogy quite a bit lately as I address my impatience.  I have a wonderful opportunity right now to let Life flow; to keep finding the joy in just letting go into the stream of things that I cannot control.  I’m feeding my White Dog.  I feed my White Dog first thing in the morning by meditating before I leave my room.  I’m feeding my White Dog by choosing only healthy fuel for my body so that I can be free of the chemical distraction that crap food brings.  I’m feeding my White Dog by taking nice long walks and enjoying this Montana air and scenery – soothing my mind.  When the Black Dog starts growling the White Dog is so well fed that he promptly kicks ass.  White Dog wins.

As a result, this time with my grandchildren is exquisite.  I have nothing better to do than be completely present to them.  I’m able to keep my daughter giggling, calm, rested and exercised.  One thing that is true about babies:  they always come out.



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