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READ THIS LINK NOW (click here)http://www.fda.gov/NewsEvents/Newsroom/PressAnnouncements/ucm171458.htm

This is a very important injunction against the company that manufacturers American Whey.  In the last year, we’ve had complaints of people having various allergen problems with a variety of whey protein powders – and in the American Whey line this was quite pronounced.  This product also slipped ACE-K into the product without labeling and there was a large confusion when they DID start to label.  PLEASE READ THIS LINK IMMEDIATELY AND BE INFORMED.

If you can name protein products that you had allergen reactions to, PLEASE comment to this article here so others will know.

I know – you’re going to ask me what to do about protein powder.  The bottom line is that ALL REFINED AND PROCESSED FOODS ARE SUSPECT and that if you want safety in the processed food you will have to go to a higher dollar smaller company that you can trust.  They do exist.  There are many sources for pure whey, there are many sources for high quality whey – and when we buy the cheap brands – we’re going to get a cheap product.  OUR ENTIRE FOOD CHAIN WORKS THIS WAY – and it’s the primary reason I personally do not buy food from Costco and other warehouse distributors.  Many of the products sold in those chains are different from the same products sold in smaller markets.  We found this specifically 3 years ago with lettuces – the lettuces (Earthbound Farms) had added sodium (as a preservative) to the product sold in Costco that wasn’t present in the same supermarket product.

The harsh reality is – you get what you pay for.  Here is the way I put it into my head:


I do not skimp on my food.  I buy organic, I buy local, and I buy grass fed meat, local eggs, local chickens – wherever possible. We choose where we spend our money and for me, high quality food comes first and has since I watched my grandmother go through cancer of the colon over 30 years ago.  We have an extremely corrupt food chain these days –   HOW DO YOU THINK WE GOT TO THE STATE OF DISEASE THAT THIS COUNTRY IS IN???

This is a critical heads – up.  I encourage you to read this link immediately, comment if you have feedback, AND RESEARCH TO STAY INFORMED!!  Getting mad will do you good – and may just get some more folks healthy in the process.

with special thanks to the sleuthing skill of Carla Woods.

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