What Kind of Fish are you – Tropical or Carp?

Posted on November 16, 2016 by


tropical-fishAre you that person we all envy? Someone who can eat anything without any ill effects?  You are a perfect weight, never gain an ounce, have no aches and pains and no diagnosed diseases? Then consider yourself to be a carp.

We all want to believe we are a carp.  We want to be able to eat/drink anything we choose, or do what I call an 80/20 rule, where we eat healthy food Monday through Friday but then anything goes on the weekend, and not have any ramifications.  We want to feel no ill effects from food such as headaches, belly aches, change in bowel habits, joint aches or a shift on the scale.  Some people can eat like a carp. However, I am not one of them.

For many of you (and me) that suffer from:

  • chronic disease including cancers
  • autoimmune disease including migraines, IBS, diabetes, heart disease, high cholesterol, to name a few (active or in remission)
  • food allergies/sensitivities (active or in remission)
  • being overweight (currently or previously) or
  • difficulty losing weight

We are the beautiful, colorful tropical fish of this sea of life.   We don’t have the ability to have even one little cheat or added stressor and not feel our body respond negatively. Every bite of food that we eat affects our body either negatively or positively.

For most of us, we have previously been able to eat a wide variety of food then all of a sudden we developed a disease or gained weight.  Now, no diet works for us. We can’t get healthy or lose weight no matter what we do – we have morphed from the carp to the tropical fish.  Wow.  How did that happen?

I look at it as we have used up our coupons for cheats and dieting. We have abused our body for a very long time, and it is loudly telling us to make a change.  For some, we may start making changes to what we eat. We may do the newest diet or go gluten free, low carb or try the many diets shakes out there to lose weight.  And that may work for a bit but then stops.

Our body stops responding to those improvements because while that food was better than what we were eating before, the body is saying it needs even cleaner food now.   I ask you – Have you ever tried to raise tropical fish? The water has to be at the absolute perfect temperature and pH level, they must be fed specific food and at specific times of the day, and the environment must be clean and balanced.

Our body is just like the tropical fish – we require great care. We must make even more changes to continue on our healthy journey. This is where a health coach can help.  Your coach can identify what is going on by reviewing your food journals and offering suggestions to help you meet your wellness goals.

While many of us (including me at times) would like to have more leeway in our food intake, I am grateful that my body tells me exactly what it needs to maintain my health and stay disease-free.  So tell me, what are you – carp or tropical fish?


Peggi Ingram, RN BSN

Genesis Coach