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Is there any product, diet or regime I can do to drop 10-15 pounds before the holidays? Please help!  Janie

Dear Janie,  I love this question because this is a question that I think we all have at one time or another.  We have a special occasion, want to look our best and a quick fix to get there.  So is there any product or plan that does this?  The answer is yes there is HOWEVER with a great price to pay. 

The diet industry is a multi-billion dollar industry that continues to attract us with quick, easy weight loss products such as drinks, fasting, pills, meal plans, excessive exercise routines or a combo of all of these things.  We have all tried them at some time in our life and our brain will continue to be drawn to the glamour of the advertisement.

So do these products work and what could be the harm in getting a jump start with these products?  Most of us have tried these products and yes they may result in short term ‘weight’ loss but not long term healthy based fat loss AND they cause more harm than good. 

First off, these quick fixes are weight loss products NOT fat loss products.  The drop in the scale is caused by first a diuretic action of losing extra fluid in our body. Then as the body requires more energy it breaks down muscles tissue all while we are feeding the body a product laden with inflammatory ingredients. We lose a few pounds, then when we hit the plateau, stop the plan or begin to manipulate it, the weight (fat) goes back on and MORE.  Right?  Been there done that.  So what does that brain tell us to do?  Find another product.  Get the picture?

Many of us have spent years in the dieting yo-yo and our bodies have paid the price with adrenal fatigue, hormone imbalance, slow or non-existent metabolism and disease. We don’t gain our weight in 1 week and we can’t drop it that fast either.  So the real answer is NO! Janie, THERE IS NO QUICK FIX.  Fat loss is a byproduct of health. 

Eating nutrient rich foods, eliminating inflammatory foods, drinking plenty of water, getting adequate amounts of rest and exercise heals the body and allows fat loss to occur.  Wrapping our heads around these changes can be overwhelming and difficult.  My suggestion for faster results?  Hire a coach!

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