Space Between Grace and Grit

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Comfort zones are not brightly colored spaces; they are sterile, boring and decorated in basic black and white. Clear boundaries, deeply-rooted beliefs, predictable habits and familiar expectations are the walls that shelter your comfort zone and protect you from your own possibility… the possibility of pain, the possibility of failure AND the possibility of getting what you want MOST and becoming ALL that you were born to be.

To live a gratifying life you will, of course, have to take down the walls of your comfort zone. For some, this means learning how to accept, heal, befriend, love and extend more GRACE to themselves. For others, the space outside their zone of comfort looks more like dedication, endurance, discipline and GRIT.

But make no mistake we need BOTH grace and grit to live a healthy, joyous life. The hard part is embracing the quality that doesn’t come as natural to you and not misuse the one that does.

As a health coach, I have seen women manipulate self-love into rationalizing why they shouldn’t have to apply the self-discipline that will help them get happier or healthier. And I have witnessed women use self-discipline to the point of self-destruction because they clearly lack love for themselves.

Your health, your peace and your bliss are waiting for you somewhere in the space between self-love and self-discipline; in the space where life gets colored with the complex shades of success and failure and radiates the glow of things like integrity, esteem, and dignity.

Self-love makes you take a good look at exactly where you are, as you are and says, “I see you. I love you. I know your worth and I am not going to let you live a half-assed life. I respect you too much to watch you settle in mediocrity. So let’s begin the work that needs to be done to answer our highest calling.”

And that is precisely when discipline is called to the table, because without her “the work” part will never get done and YOU will never take flight.

Google defines self-discipline beautifully,  “the ability to control one’s feelings and overcome one’s weaknesses; the ability to pursue what one thinks is right despite temptations to abandon it.”

We have to get dirty to change our story. We have to be willing to step into the ring and stand face to face with the things that we are doing that are NOT serving the life we want to live. Discipline insists that we rationalize less and “do the work” more often. It introduces us to the magnitude of our strength and the vastness of our possibility.

In an act of love, Grace takes hold of one hand and gives your other to Grit to ensure that things in your heart can be actualized.

I am a champion for residing in the space between self-love and self-discipline.  One without the other will cage what is possible for your life.

Honor what you know needs to be done and DO THE WORK for the LOVE of yourself.   It is the only thing that will unlock that cage door and allow you to truly live.

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